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You have a role to fill. Our referrers will help you find an amazing candidate. If they succeed, then you pay them (and us).
Finding your Red Balloon

A Story + Incentives

Our model has two key ingredients: telling a compelling story about your open role, and giving people a big incentive to share that story
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    Telling your story

    Every open role has a story. What is the company about? Who's hiring for that role? Why is it critically important within the organization? We help you tell that story compellingly and concisely.

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    Getting the word out

    It's all about the right incentives. We have a network of referrers who joined with the explicit purpose of helping you find amazing candidates. If they refer someone who gets hired, then they get the maximum bonus (typically $1-$5K). But they can also earn bonuses just by sharing it with their network. That way the word gets out fast about your role.

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    Finding your Red Balloon

    You don't want just any candidate, you want an amazing one. We use data from the referral chain to identify the most promising candidates. We then screen them individually and refer to you only highly qualified candidates.

Simple Pricing

No hire, no fee

You pay only if you hire a candidate. That keeps us very motivated to make sure you find someone fast!
Referral Bonus
$1-10K per hire Includes:
  • Referral bonus (min $500)
  • Interview bonuses ($100)
  • Sharing bonuses (varies)
Our Fee
Varies* per hire Includes:
  • Promotion to our network
  • Paid ads on social media
  • Rigorous screening
*Depends on job function and level of role

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