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  • The Engineering Company: Software Engineer
    The Engineering Company

    Enabling a new golden era of engineering design

    The Engineering Company
    Software Engineer
    London, UK
    Best idea wins, honest and transparent
    Impact while having fun
    Intelligent, curious, interested in learning
    Ainhoa Uribarren
    Ainhoa Uribarren
    Business Development Officer
    Award-winning Biotechnologist and horse rider. I hate spiders but I love spiderman.

    Makers. Tinkerers. Builders. We all see the wondrous results of their hard work, but not the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of hours of tedious work that goes into making their creations a reality. Modern engineers and inventors have been reduced to manual executors, that make small repetitive changes in spreadsheets, CAD and simulations. Leonardo da Vinci would be rolling over in his grave. The Engineering Company is on a mission to change that- to enable a new golden age of engineers, technologies and companies that aren't possible today. We can’t say much about how (they’re still in stealth mode), but imagine a world in which prototyping and iterating on real-world products is as easy as it is for software. Their team is comprised of mechanical and software engineers from Google, Improbable, McLaren and Imperial College. Their investors include former C-level executives at Microsoft, UBS, Magic Pony (acquired by Twitter) and over 15 more world-leading angel investors and deep tech VCs. Ainhoa Uribarren, their Business Development Officer, is searching for a software engineer who cares about building technology that delivers a real-world impact to many people. The ideal candidate can work independently in a fast-paced environment, with strong attention to detail and is delivery oriented. Strong problem-solving based on experimentation, with patience to run mini-tests. Team oriented and able to foster an environment of learning across multiple teams, he / she will go out of their way to help others achieve. No background in mechanical engineering is required, but an interest in learning is crucial.

  • Griffin: Backend Engineer The position has been filled

    Building a bank, one line of code at a time

    Backend Engineer
    London or Remote
    Kindness & Empathy
    Allen Rohner
    Allen Rohner
    Founder, CTO
    Founder/CTO of CircleCI. Author of “Learning ClojureScript”

    Close your eyes and imagine a bank. Imagine the imposing stone columns, the thick vault door locked with that giant ship's wheel. Now imagine the paperwork and bureaucracy required to open an account there. The future of banking, investing, and payments is being re-invented at this very moment, but that innovation is slowed dramatically by the opaque, and not particularly technology-friendly, world of banking. Griffin is changing that - they are lowering barriers to entry for FinTechs by building a fully-regulated, API-first bank. Their API encapsulates the bureaucracy of banking and makes it dead-simple for FinTech companies to create bank accounts for their users and transfer money. All while protecting that money fervently. In classical mythology, griffins were known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions. The team at Griffin knows the importance of keeping the money entrusted to them safe, so they build everything with security in mind first. Allen Rohner is the CTO at Griffin and the former founder of CircleCI. He is looking for a backend engineer with Clojure experience- one of the first three tech hires!- to help build out this vision. The company is based in London, and the role is local/remote (UK) or remote (US/EU, with an eye to relocation).

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